Musings on Gluttony~

There is a message board persona.  We’ve all met her.  Most of us have been her at one time or another.  Every board has one or twenty.  Let’s give her a dossier of sorts.

Name:  Brunhilda Weinerbourgmaan  (aka- Hilda)

Age: 36

Sex:  Yes- um, er I mean female

Marital Status: Married

Number of children:  Five

Educational Position:  Homeschooler

Political Position:  Conservative

Religion:  When I remember.

Theological Pursuasion: First Method-ical-Bapti-costal-Assembly-Orthodox-Luthi-tarian-Mormon-Witness-Non-Denominational

Annual Income:  Not nearly enough but too much to keep track of.

Health:  NOT ANOTHER SCHOOL SUBJECT! Oh wait, you mean mine.  Yeah, I’ve got some somewhere.

Personal Commitments:  Do you want that in alphabetical or chronological order?

Ok, so it sounds like I exaggerate.  Unfortunately I don’t.  So what does this have to do with gluttony you ask?  Isn’t gluttony about eating too much?  Well, yes, it is but unfortunately you can over indulge on other things than food.

Take Hilda for example.  She posts often about her struggles with home organization, child training, and keeping on top of her responsibilities.  She’s always looking for a new and better way to solve her problems whether it’s a new laundry system, a week of bootcamp, or keeping the beds made.  While her children run amok, she struggles to keep their heads above water.

However, Hilda, in spite of her lack of home skills, has more on her plate than it seems.  In addition to her own home, which she confesses is ill managed, she also teaches classes at the local church, to a homeschool co-op, or to the moms at the homeschool support group.  Often, ironically enough, she teaches on organization or homemaking skills.  And she’s usually very good.  The ladies who learn from her are blessed and go home and apply the excellent skills she has shared with them.

It breaks my heart though.  Hilda takes several hours out of her week to help others do what her family waits to see accomplished in their lives.  She helps others plan their school lessons while her children flounder in their own books because mom hasn’t had the discipline or taken the time to actually ensure that their lessons are completed.  Or maybe she spends two hours a week teaching new moms how to train their children while her own run wild at home.  She may teach whole grain baking to eager crowds while her own family gets burgers from Mc Donalds.

Yes… she’s ever learning… and teaching… but never coming to the knowledge of whatever it is that she is learning or teaching.  If we replaced that with eating what would we get.  “Ever eating but never being satisfied with food.”

Gluttony.  It comes in many guises.


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