Lessons from the Recliner

Did you know-

  • When you don’t get any exercise from basic movements you want more sleep than normal but can’t sleep as much as usual?
  • A racing heart is frustrating but a fluttering heart is actually uncomfortable?
  • You can write 20,000 words in a day on you novel without any difficulty?
  • Photo editing is less accurate at night?
  • Digital Scrapbooking is fun and much more efficient than paper?  Less bulky too.
  • It’s easier to sleep on the couch than in bed when you can’t breathe?
  • Having the perfect set up for doing what you need to do isn’t a guarantee that you will do it?
  • There really are silver linings- you just need to love silver to appreciate them
  • My husband is the world’s kindest and most selfless man and I’m blessed beyond measure to have him in my life?

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