The Pensive~

In popular children’s fantasy fiction, there is a fascinating item called a pensive.  It looks like a typical tabletop bird bath but inside is a swirling mass of liquid silver “threads”.  These threads are actually memories, preserved and stored in the pensive for our perusal at some later date.  I think part of the point of the pensive was to give the person an accurate history of events.  Time tends to blur them, rearrange facts, and sometimes leave out important parts of our memories.  The pensive would have them all accurately stored for your remembrance.

When a person wanted to relive a memory, he’d put his face down into the liquid and “fall into” the memory.  He’d be immersed in it so to speak.  The sights, sounds, and feelings of the memory would be vivid and real.  He couldn’t interact in the memory.  This event has happened and is now over.  However, in the pensive, one could “relive” the moment whether it was your memory or someone else’s. 

I was sharing about this with a friend of mine this evening.  She’d made the comment that she wished she could wrap her arms around someone we know to be struggling and just infuse them with the love of God.  That somehow through the hug, she’d be able to let them see how God knows and loves them.  She admitted it wasn’t possible but that it’d be nice.  I immediately thought of the pensive.  How wonderful it would be if, in a moment when our human frailty overtook us, if we could simply fall into the “pensive” and not only know God’s love for us, not only know God’s delight in us as His children, but feel it; infuse it into our hearts and lives because we are seeing it from His point of view.

Of course, that was a silly thing to say.  As much as we tend to forget it, we do have a pensive.  We have the Word.   Our Father, Lord, and Intercessor has infused all the love and sacrifice for us into the Bible.  It is all there.  The Word is full of the Lord’s provision for His people.  There are verses of stern admonition just as we all have memories of a father’s stern rebuke when we did what we knew was wrong.  There are verses of delight.  One such verse I missed as a young girl.  We sang it at school.

Zephaniah 3:17:

KJV: The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

I focused on the MIGHTYness of God.  I also recoginzed the love.  I didn’t notice the delight and the joy and the rejoicing over His people.  This wasn’t made clear to me until the late nineties by Beverly Bradley of Family Ministries.  He will… “rejoice over thee with joy”  That’s like twice the joy there.  ReJOYce… and then with JOY.  WOAH.  The Lord delights in us.  That is just amazing. 

Another song we sang was from Revelation 4:11

KJV: Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

We were created for His pleasure.  At the end of creation, when God finished each thing, He said, “and it was good.”  But when man finally stood living and breathing in the very image of God, He said, “And it was very good.”  I don’t think that very was an extraneous word to keep the text from being too redundant.  I do that in my writing but I really don’t think God needs to, do you?

Then, there is Song of Solomon.  While I firmly believe this is intended to bless us as people who marry and commit ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally to our spouses, I know that it is also symbolic.  I understand the symbolism of Christ and his Bride.  The delight that Solomon shows in the Shulamite woman is marvelous.  It’s a little uncomfortable for my Western ears.  I confess to finding the thought of teeth like sheep pretty disgusting as a romantic overture.  After all, who wants fuzzy teeth!  Brush those pearly whites! 

Now, lest I appear to think we should walk about full of ourselves in our greatness, let me be clear.  We’re worms.  We’re but walking dust.  Apart from Christ and His blood, we are like menstrual rags as Isaiah so vividly puts it.  How gross can you get?  However, thanks to another kind of blood… the sacrificial purifying blood of the Lamb of God, we are His chosen.  His beloved.   Isn’t that the most wonderful thing ever?  It just amazes me.

It’s all in the “pensive” of the Bible.  It’s all in there.  Every last little bit.  We can see the love and care that the Lord has for us.  We can feel the everlasting arms around us as we grow weary.  We can know from our minds to our hearts, to our feet that run to Him who receives all the cares we cast upon Him… we are beloved.  He delights in us.  He rejoices over us.  He alone is worthy but we were created FOR His pleasure!  Hallelujah!  (That old pentecostal streak likes to try to escape every now and again!)

I think that sometimes we need to view the Bible with fresh eyes.  Not because it lacks anything.  It doesn’t.  The Word of God is complete for every thing that we need.  However, we’re weak.  We’re fallen.  And sometimes we need to view things from a different perspective before we can truly see how they are. 

I think it’s time that I “fell into” the pensive of the Word.  I could use an infusion of the Lord’s perspective.  I think I’ve allowed my faulty one darken my perspective for too long.  Once again.  That is one habit I’d be happy to break.  It is interesting to me to realize that in so much of my Christian walk, immersion into some part of Jesus is crucial.


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