Arm Chair Critics~

Oh man, I have arm-chair coaches in this house.The show, Supernanny, typically goes like this…

Morgann: That’s just cruel. Swat the child. He’ll be happier and so will you.

Braelyn: Cruel? No way, that’s child abuse. If anyone is going to call CPS they should call it on parents who let their children get away with stuff like this.

Morgann: CPS should be abolished. No one should call them. Call the police if there is a crime being committed but dont’ call CPS.

Kaylene: Did you see that? It’s ok for the kid to pitch a fit if they’re on the naughty spot but no where else!

Morgann: That’s why it’s called the naughty spot. Here is the only place you can be naughty.

Nolan: Those kids should be glad they don’t live here.

Braelyn: No, those kids should be sad they don’t live here. They’d be happier.

Jenna: Not at first!

Nolan: Nah, they look like smart kids. They’d figure it out fast.

Andra: Is that ceiling purple? (in her mind this is a logical question that relates to the topic at hand. She’s a tow-head, what can I say?)

Morgann: Take your sunglasses off Andra.

Andra: Oh, I see. It’s Green. Why is that kid screaming again?

Ethan: Because his mom doesn’t love him.

Andra: Oh. That’s sad.

Morgann: And Ethan sums it up well.

Braelyn: You can say she doesn’t love him, that’s mean.

Morgann: She doesn’t. She feels affection for him. She wants to love him, but she doesn’t love him in the true sense.

Kaylene: She loves him as best as she can or she wouldn’t let cameras in the house and embarrass herself like this.

Morgann: My point exactly. That kid is going to be mortified in 15 years when his girlfriend says, “Weren’t you that brat on Supernanny?”

Braelyn: She has a point?

Jenna: The mom loves her kids but she doesn’t know how to show it right.

Morgann: I concede to Jenna.

Nolan: (Incredulously) DID YOU SEE THAT?

Andra: I think they should just spank the kid so everyone is happy.

Ethan: They can’t, it’s TV. IT’s not real life. In real life they will.

Morgann: If only…


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