What are Your Children Reading

I was looking for a specific kind of book last July while at the Modesto Homeschool Convention.  I wanted a book that listed authors and everythign they wrote from Gilgamesh through Robert Frost and F.Scott Fitzgerald (and beyond if at all possible).  I’m still looking for it.  However, when I asked the helpful woman at the Lifetime Books and Gifts booth she eagerly grabbed a book off the shelf and insisted it was exactly what I needed.  I took her word for it.  Once paid for, the woman then led me to the opposite side of the hall to introduce me to the author, Jan Bloom.  Jan kindly autographed the book for me and we chatted for a few minutes about good books.The book?   Who Should We Then Read?  I immediately recognized the spin from Francis Shaeffer’s How Should We Then Live.  Clever without being obnoxious.  I was excited and sure that I was on my way to writing the Literature Guide that I want for my children.  I settled on my bed in the DoubleTree, my girls clacking their cupstacks with rapid and rhythmic movements.  I opened the book and began perusing.  I was disappointed.  Terribly disappointed.  It wasnt’ what I was looking for at all!  While it had some of the authors I needed (Dickens, Austen, Sir Walter Scott), its main focus was on children’s literature.  Now children’s literature is a passion of mine but it wasn’t what I wanted!

Because of that initial disappointment, I didn’t look at the book for over six months.  Recently, I realized that it would be a great way to organize my extensive collection of children’s literaure.  I pulled out the book and two highlighters.  Green for “Buy”  and yellow for “Own”.  I’d love to say that the yellows outnumbered the greens.  I’m only half way through the book though and I don’t see an end in sight of the greens.  However, the yellows put up a good fight.  I’ve discovered and rediscovered authors that I didn’t know or had forgotten existed.  Thanks to eBay our bookshelves are once again swelling.  My children are cataloging the books we have and prayerfully we’ll soon see a nice orderly system for knowing what we own at a glance.  One can dream can’t they?

Seriously though, I highly recommend this book.  My initial reaction was unjust.  It is apparent that I did not make what I wanted clear.  That was my fault, not hers.  Once I gave the book a half-hearted chance (and using it all wrong I might add) I fell in love with it!  I honestly believe that every homeschooler who enjoys children’s literature needs this book.  Honey For a Child’s Heart  and  Books Children Love never interested me the way this book does.  Though not completely comprehensive, she does leave out one of my favorite authors Josephine Lawrence, the book is almost perfect!

I highly recommend it.  Better yet, I think that any bibliophile will be thrilled once they  have this book in hand!

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