Understanding Obedience in Children

There is a trend I’ve noticed on the message boards I’m on.  This trend spans not only conservative Christians who are proponents of first time obedience but also those who subscribe to time-out (naughty place) methods and those who are just trying to survive life with children and have no consistent discipline in the home at all. 

The trend?  I can guess, almost without fail, those women who have children who are generally compliant/obedient and those who always buck the system.  If the board owner or moderators address an issue with one of the members, and they respect the authority of those in charge, you can bet that as a general rule, their children are obedient.

However, if they consistently question the decision or argue with the ‘powers that be’, you can be assured that sometime in the next few weeks there will be a post about how their child fights every request, demand, or idea.  They are the moms that repeatedly post about their child who won’t eat, who won’t do their school work, who won’t get up in the morning or stay in bed at night.  These moms are the ones with argumentative children who have a million reasons why they shouldnt’ have to do xyz and who will say completly seriously, “But you said I couldn’t have the chocolate chip cookies, these are molasses.

This realization has made me rethink so much of my life.  If I am bothered by behavior of my own children whether it be their spending, their relationship with the Lord, their work ethic, or whatever, I need to look at myself first.  I have a suspicion I can find the source of their lousy attitude.  Unfortunately that source stares back at me in the mirror.  I’d better be the person I want to rear.


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