Just What Is So Great About Christmas?

Christmas… where to begin….

It is six weeks of build up to my very favorite part…

Thanksgiving is over, the turkey deboned, the puzzle pieced, and the Hungarian Coffee Cake is gone. Everyone is satisfied after an unusually varied meal. Someone puts on a Christmas CD. Bing Crosby sings White Christmas.

Silver Bells

Adeste Fideles

Silent Night

Christmas in Killarney

Oh Holy Night

Someone pulls out the ads and we plan Black Friday…

After lunch and a freezing morning shopping, we brave the crowds again for a tree… The scent of a fresh Douglas Fir. Heavenly.

Popcorn… hot cocoa… Peppermint and cranberries.

The voices of excited children singing Away in a Manger as they string popcorn and cranberries.

Shopping in stores playing music to honor the Savior when usually I blush to hear the words sung. The Salvation Army a presence at every stop. People smiling… just a little more patient with lines and excitable children than four months ago when shopping for back to school clothes.

Pretty wrapping paper, colorful ribbons, perky bows. Packages piled all over our tiny living room giving it the appearance of a treasure trove.

Baking smells. Hungarian Coffee Cake. Peppermint bark. Sugar cookies.

Bundling in warm jackets to sing at the convelescent home.  Oh holy night… the stars are brightly shining…  The sweet older lady rocking her baby doll to the tune of the music. She is never without her baby doll. The sight of tears in my son’s eyes when he realizes she thinks it is her real baby. Fall… on your knees… The toothless man’s grin as he tries to sing along. We three kings… Their thankful lonely faces as we turn to leave. My kids voices, thick with emotion as they realize we’re the only guests they’ve seen that day… We wish you a Merry Christmas…

Mrs. Brown’s delight at our stopping. Her son’s devoted attention to her. Pastor Neipp’s grin as we sing under their window. The love they show each other the greatest gift they could give us.

Candlelight service. Gifts for our friends. Our children are so excited. The rush home and change into pajamas so we can go look at Christmas lights. The north west development with luminerias. The house on Vicki Lane. Our friend’s parents who dress as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. They can’t this year. Mrs. Claus went home to be with Jesus. It’s been one of those years.

Home again, unwrapping presents from friends and neighbors. Hot chocolate. singing. Sleepy babies. The tree lights on, and the house lights off.

It’s quiet now. Luke Chapter two… “And it came to pass… and He grew in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man…” Read by a gentle masculine voice always with a trace of awe that God would come for such as he.

Oh how I love this season.


3 thoughts on “Just What Is So Great About Christmas?

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  2. Ok… I read it again for the 3rd time. Only this time, I really read it. Now my eyes are filled with tears as I completely identify with Kevin…He came for such as I…
    And I think of the song “Amazing Love, how can it be, that You my King would die for me…

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