State of the Household Address

Well last year (in this blog )   I promised to tell how the year has gone. 

The house manager learned much over the year.  As usual, she didn’t accomplish everything she’d hoped and dreamed that she would but there were many excting developments and changes.

In the remodelling department, she is pleased to announce that the living room is done.  There are new windows…


Became this

Which became…

And finally…

The housekeeper is quite pleased.  Once the recovering of the couch is complete the room will be perfect.  Moldings such as are shown around the windows accent the doorways and the result is a room with character.  She does plan to sand down the large pew that sits under the other window and refinish it and the floor.  Possibly by April.

The children’s education has definitely been overhauled.  Not everything is running how she’d like it but the improvement is remarkable.  Choosing a new math curriculum was definitely a wise decision.  (  One of the non readers is reading but needs a bit more of a push.   All in all it is a 100% improvement over the previous year and in January she has realistic plans to double the scholastic adventures of the children.

The clothing issue is definitely improved.  The housekeeper herself has changed much of her own wardrobe and while she hasn’t fixed the problem entirely, she is much more aware of situations and how to solve them.  She is excited to think that perhaps by next year, keeping the family well dressed will just be a routine fact of life.  However  she did create sweet Thanksgiving outfits for her girls that will also double as Christmas Outfits

The meal situation is improved but not to her satisfaction.  The good news is that she has learned how to plan better for snacks and has started new more exciting menus.  Now to implement them.

The business situation is another story all together.  She took this year as a year to reflect, rejuvenate, and plan.  Not much has happened business wise but she did enjoy working on costumes over the summer.  Designing costumes that double as nice clothing was a delight that she hadn’t anticipated.

The training of the ‘servants’ has not improved to her satisfaction.  It is an improvement but because she hasn’t put enough effort into the plan, the result was disappointing.  She’ll do better next yea with a better plan already forming in her brain.  (The plan is brilliant.  Genius even.  Show them how.  Show them again.  Watch them do it,  make them repeat… until it’s done right.  I’m astounded at her brilliance)

So, same time next year, same place.  She had several very tough problems this year.  Considering that fact, I think she did a decent job.  And, had she improved more than she did, she might find next year a bit of a disappointment in the improvement department!


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