A Tune Up~

Someone pointed out today that I’m running on fumes.  I’ve gotten into the very terrible habit of only adding 1/4 tank of fuel.  The result is a nightmare.  You see, cars have ‘sludge’ in the bottom of the gas tank. Stuff that churns up from the main tanks that make your car run less efficiently and often causes those icky knocks and sputters.  When you keep your tank closer to full, it keeps that stuff settled more to the bottom of the tank.  (Unless you’re one of those crazy drivers that turn corners on two wheels due to excessive speed.  Then there is no hope for you.)  A full tank is in no danger of quitting from lack of fuel.


On top of needing more fuel to keep my engine purring happily, my air filter is clogged.  I really need a new one.  I need the help to keep the airflow smooth and clean.  If I keep the old filthy one, I’ll restrict the necessary air flow and again be less efficient.  Filters are essential items.


I’d probably also get better gas mileage if I’d be more of a turtle and less of a hare.  So what if the speed limit is 70?  Does that mean I can’t drive 55 if it’s safe and save gas?


My spark plugs are probably shot too.  No pep.  No zip.  I need to replace them so that I get a fast connection every time.  I find it interesting that spark plugs have no ‘zip’ until they’re sparked by the power source.  It’d be funny to disconnect the wires to the spark plugs and expect them to still be able to help the vehicle run efficiently.  They need those wire connections to the Power Source.


I’m sure I need a good oil change.  The old is dirty and needs a fresh load to keep everything running smootly.  Without that change everything wears down and eventually can burn up the engine. 


Outside of the mechanics of the inner workings of my vehicle, I also realize that I need a detail job.  My paint job is dull and needs a good scrubbing and waxing.  Perhaps I need to consider an entirely new coat of paint.  The roof top could use some attention as well.  I need a good detail on my seats and cushions.  The dashboard needs a new cover and all the grit needs to come from all the crevices.


How do I expect this car to reflect pride of Ownership if I let it fall into disrepair and run it into the ground?


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