Unity = Identicality?

Two people read the Word.  They both believe.  They both repent.  They both confess Jesus as Lord.  They are both baptized.  They both attend church.  They both stand firm on the ‘five solas’


Sola Scriptura- Scripture Alone

Sola Christus- Christ Alone

Sola Gratia- Grace Alone

Sola Fide- Faith Alone

Sola Deo Gloria- To God Alone be the Glory



They both homeschool, they both are Titus 2 “house despots” and both are commited to the pursuit of godliness in all of their actions.


One woman uses Veritas Press for her curriculum, the other woman uses PACES.  One of the women is a Vegan.  The other woman, while not feeding her family garbage, enjoys a good roast, sourdough bread, and chocolate cake!  One of the women wears Birkenstocks, corduroy skirts, and plaid flannel shirts in fall.  The other woman wears jeans, hand knitted sweaters, and turtlenecks with Keds.


One woman prefers the ESV.  The other woman reads the NASB.  One has one child.  The other has seven.  One family has a television with cable.  The other family has never owned a television and probably never will.  One family reads Harry Potter and C.S. Lewis, the other family avoids all fantasy and fairy tales.


You couldn’t guess which family is which.  I’ve mixed them up so as not to make it possible to see a trend.  There is none.  The no-TV family reads HP.  They also are dresses-only.  The family with one child has the TV, wears pants, but does not read fantasy.  I tell you this so that you can see that there is not a direct corrolation between ALL of their choices.  Just some.


The women are UNIFIED in Christ.  Their doctrine is identical.  Their convictions are similar.  Their preferences are very different.  They are not identical to one another even though they share a unity in the bond of peace.


Why do we act as though we cannot be united in Christ until we are identical in preference, action, and goals?  One woman enjoys cooking and painting.  Another writes and has closets that are the envy of the world.  Then again, down the road four streets over another woman works hard at the home arts but is not particularly good at any of them… but her children don’t care, she is a marvelous teacher and has a beautiful relationship with her children. 


I don’t think that we are supposed to water down the truths of the Word in order to make them platable to everyone in the name of ‘unity’.  Sin is sin.  We can’t call it a ‘disorder’ in order to make people more comfortable.  Truth is truth.  We cannot hide under the term ‘personal conviction’ when it is a mandate of God.


However, we need to be careful to not create madates that God never has.  Our family has our convictions.  Others have theirs.  But I will never expect others to hold our convictions anymore than I want them to hold me to theirs.  If the WORD has madated something, then it is not a personal conviction.  It is a requirement of the Lord.


Sunday I read a scripture in a whole new light.


2 Timothy 4:3
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,


It occured to me that perhaps this is why we have so many denominations.  There was division in the first century.  Paul and Peter didn’t agree!  But now people don’t even bother to line up with one another.  If you don’t like what is taught, start another group.  I wonder if this has been done in an attempt at an appearance of unity.  What would happen if people just sat down and read the Word together understanding that coming to an agreement on what the Word SAYS didn’t mean a requirement for how they live out that truth. 


I am so sorry to see the constant division over things that are methods rather than the unification over principles.


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