Color Blind Church~


Gray areas.  Black and white issues.  We hear these and similar terms every day.  To hear some Christians talk, myself included, God created a world that looks like a 1950’s television set. 


I am a very literal person as a general rule.  I like things clear cut and preferrably dried.  If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.  If it’s right, it’s right.  I don’t like and am not personally comfortable with things that are neither right nor wrong.  And, if I’m truthful with myself, I tend to behave as if it isn’t possible for something to be ‘neutral’ until applied.


Not everything in our lives is black and white, right or wrong.  As much as I’d like to say it isn’t so, I cannot.  Chocolate is not evil.  That makes it good doesn’t it?  No… not to the diabetic!  To one who lacks self-control it may also be a sin to partake knowing your personal weakness.  To another, they may choose to partake to LEARN self-control.  It depends upon the individual. 


Stealing is wrong.  This is a black and white thing.  It is wrong to deliberately take what doesn’t belong to you from whom it does belong to in order to satisfy your own personal lusts.  Coveteousness is wrong.  Always.  Idolatry is wrong.  Whether worshipped as a ‘statue’ or by your behavior.  I can idolize an author, Pastor, TV show, or my Bible version.


Black and white.  God didn’t make a world that is black and white.  He created a world of vibrant colors!  Reds, blues, golds, purples, greens… the lists are almost endless!  God created a world that makes ‘technicolor’ look dull!  Not everything must be relegated to good or bad, black or white.


What is good or bad should be clearly defined as such.  I am not advocating a world of blurred images!  I just hate to see that which can be used to the glory of God  attacked because some are weak and should avoid it for their own consciousness sake.


Color.  God is a brilliant artist of a colorful world.  Picture the church in full color and embrace that the Lord has made it so!


2 thoughts on “Color Blind Church~

  1. Is it too late to change my terminology from black and white… wrong and right……truth and error? I love color, and I see it as a preference! And no, our house OR church is not painted black and white. Our church building is actually GRAY.

  2. Oh, I LOVE that. Gray church. Snort. And yes, I agree 100%!!! Truth and error. Wrong and right. I just really have trouble when people turn things into “black and white” when they really are just a variety of options that aren’t wrong or right.

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