The Real Chautona- Take Her or Leave Her…

1.  The real Chautona does not have a clone.  (Although I wish I did!!!)

2.  The real Chautona yells at her children, ignores necessary housework, and gets snippy with her husband.

3.  The real Chautona is not dresses only, but most people in our town don’t know that.


4.  The real Chautona doesn’t like to homeschool and wouldn’t do it if she didn’t have to.


5.  The real Chautona lives QF as a personal conviction/preference but does not believe it is Biblically MANDATED.  (Biblically supported YES)

6.  The real Chautona doesn’t schedule her time wisely on a consistent basis, and while CAN be organized… isn’t always.

7.  The real Chautona forgets to do what isn’t automatic, but rarely forgets what she has already done.   (This includes bill paying)  (Pregnancy doesn’t count)

8.  The real Chautona occasionally has debt to pay off, and knows what real debt looks like.


9.  The real Chautona sews too much, reads too much, talks too much, and is just as self-righteous and sinful as the next woman.

10.  The real Chautona watches movies, old and new, listens primarily to oldie moldie ‘secular’ music, and doesn’t like organs, flutes, or Chopin.

11.  The real Chautona writes fiction, reads fiction and doesn’t mind if either of them includes moderate romance as long as there is more to the story than just the romance.


12.  The real Chautona has days (albeit rare) where she ignores her children’s poor behavior, loses all control, and calls her husband home from work with threats of “if you don’t get here soon, I might not be here when you get here.”

13.  The real Chautona loves a good joke, enjoys a funny story, and doesn’t take herself or life too seriously.

14.  The real Chautona wrote bootcamp for a REASON.


15.  The real Chautona loves the Lord, her family, her friends, but is just as snippy, irritable, irascible and frustrating as the next woman.

16.  The real Chautona says it like it is, doesn’t apologize for standing on her convictions, and doesn’t expect less of anyone else.


17.  The real Chautona doesn’t have it all together, doesn’t know much of anything, and would love to grow up someday… but doubts it’ll happen.

18.  The real Chautona hopes you’ll like her for who she is, not for what the Internet tends to portray her to be.


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