The Blog Porch…

Everyone who reads this blog [note: this was posted originally on my HSB blog which had the picture that is now on my Family Blog] eventually asks if that porch you see at the top of the page is MY porch.  My answer is always “not yet”.


I searched everywhere for something that would make people feel like they were welcome to just come ‘sit a spell’ while we ‘chat’ and drink some lemonade or iced tea.  When I saw that picture two things happened.  First, I found my picture.  It was PERFECT.  I just loved it.  My blog had that welcoming ‘sit on the porch, watch the world go by while we solve it’s problems’ feel.  All-American.  I still smile everytime I see it.


The second thing that happened requires a little bit of background so I’ll tell a story.


Once upon a time, an engaged couple was looking for the perfect nest to call home.  They saw new townhomes on “Lilac Square” that tempted them.   The homes were bright and new, lilacs just happened to be the girl’s favorite flower…  but the yards were tiny and two townhomes were conjoined at a time.  This meant only a thin wall of privacy protection was in place.


They looked high and low, hither and thither.  Finally, they looked at a house on a busy street that they’d previously rejected due to curbside lack of appeal and location.  (that street is BUSY!)  The house, from the outside, looked like Santa’s Reindeer lost their pea soup all over the house one Christmas!  The pea green stucco was trimmed in barn red with a white foam roof.  No, this is not a joke. 


But once the couple stepped inside the house, they knew.  This was their house.  She fell in love with the wall paper, the hardwood floors, and the large rooms.  He fell in love with the back yard… the HUGE back yard.  They both hated the outside.  A saltine box covered with pea soup.  No life, no shape, BORING.


They quickly added siding to their house.  It was a definite improvement.  Really.  But unfortunately it also gave the appearance of a 1970’s mobile home. 


Enter, my blog picture.  The second thing I realized when I saw that picture was that this could be MY HOUSE!!!  I can do that to my house.  I can build that porch, I can have the ‘shape’ and I’ll love it.


Yesterday, phase one of the new house was implemented.  My son-in-law, David, put my new door in for Kevin for his birthday.  Kevin now has one less project to worry about and I have my new door up and looking beautiful.  Kevin added locks and such last night.  I am SOOOOOO excited.  Two windows and that room is du-double-n- done!


I’m considernig paint and I have new fabric for covering couches and making cushions and such.  It’s going to be so pretty!  I get new trim around the new doors and windows and everything.  After that, we do the windows in my room… redo the trim and such there… and VOILA!  I can put new siding (long discouraging story but all siding must be replaced) on the front of the house and start building my PORCH!  WAHOOTY.


Off to find a recliner cover.  I can’t wait.  🙂


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