Homeschoolers, Arrogance, Pride, and Reputation

I read some sobering and unsettling things today over at .  The discussion seemed simple in the beginning.  If you’re going to participate in something that is costing a coordinator money, pay up, on time, and don’t back out expecting a refund.  Things cost money to organize and to consider them ‘optional’ once you’ve committed is rude.


But the discussion, as you’ve probably surmised, did not end there.  I was appalled to see the reputation that homeschoolers have gotten for themselves.  Did you know some places groan when they hear a homeschooler wants to visit?  Did you know that homeschoolers have a reputation for being unruly because they don’t know how to stand in line unless it’s at a grocery store?  Do you know that homeschoolers have a reputation of not turning work in on time or paying their ‘bills’ when it comes to field trips and co-op classes?


This is shameful!  I am appalled.  I’m also nervous as I look over my life.  Am I guilty of this?  I could be.  I deliberately avoid things like this because I don’t want to make that kind of commitment.  But, if I was honest with myself, I would say that I am not completely guilt free here myself.  I’m sure I’ve done the same thing in one way or another.


I have to think about this.  We are rearing the next generation of this country’s leaders.  Homeschoolers can make a large impact on the world and they will.  WHAT that impact will be depends upon how we rear them and what we teach them just as much as what we don’t teach them or expose them to.


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