Modest at Heart…

A friend and I were discussing modesty the other day.  The original topic was strapless wedding gowns.  (Just about the only kind available these days btw)  In the course of the discussion, I shared our family’s definition of modesty.  Dress that is appropriate for the occasion. 


What?  Nothing about covering strategic areas or protecting the eyes of our brother’s in Christ?  Nope.  It goes without saying once that word “appropriate” is employed we keep much covered as a general rule.  My friend commented that sweats and a sweatshirt would be more modest to wear at a wedding than some of these ‘gownless evening straps’.  (My husband has a marvelous way of twisting words)  I disagreed.  What is modest about making a spectacle of yourself showing up inappropriately attired for a wedding?  It may be COVERED… but it is not modest. 


On the opposite vein, it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear a formal gown to a pool party no matter how much it concealed of your person.  It’s not modest.  You’re COVERED… but you’ve drawn unnecessary attention to yourself.  While you haven’t displayed your chest  for all to see you have put yourself on display in a similar fashion to the woman who indiscreetly chose to wear her yellow polka dot bikini.


Sometimes, appropriate attire means that you either don’t attend in order to be modest… I’d never attend a bikini party even if I had the figure for one… or perhaps ESPECIALLY if I had the figure for one.


There is certainly a place for one’s own style.  I am not implying that we should be cookie cutter copies of one another in our dress.  There is the old joke about the ‘homeschool uniform’ for a reason.  We tend to follow ‘fashion trends’ in our own circles and I don’t think this is inherantly right OR wrong.  I think we should be prepared to let our individuality shine as long as the garment in and of itself is appropriate.  Individuality isn’t about wearing formal attire to casual occasions and the reverse.


If your attire is appropriate for the occasion, I think your femininity will shine, your ‘treasure’ will be hidden, and if you stand out, it’ll be because of who you are rather than only what you have or have not covered up.


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