The Happeners

Almost every group of people has one.  That person who just knows how to make things happen.  I call them the ‘happeners’.

Our wedding had one of these.  While I fretted over finding how to fit everyone in the building, he made it happen.  While I wondered where to find chairs and called countless people to no avail… he made it happen.  When I wondered how to fit everyone in for the reception and called around for pricing, he got the parish hall at the local church he works for at no charge.   When I wondered how we’d ever get everything cleaned up in time, he had half the work done before I could begin.

The happeners.  They make the impossible happen with what appears to be little to no effort.  I know Conrad worked hard.  I know he spent hours to help us make this day special… but he did it with such apparent ease.  No complaints of tiredness either vocally or in his expression… not even a hint.

The Hearth Keeper ladies spent hours making this day a delight… but without Conrad’s behind the scenes contstant vigilance, their efforts would have been wasted.  It simply couldn’t have happened.  I now sit here trying to figure out how to let him know how thankful I am.  I just don’t know how.  Have you ever thought that words weren’t enough, and gifts were a slap in the face?

Thank you Conrad.  Thank you for being you.  You are so very good at it.

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