Why is it that I need lovely surroundings to work!  I looked around my sewing ‘studio’ yesterday and thought, “I need to do something about this!” 


 I was home from church with a slowly disappearing headache and nausea.  I found myself pacing to avoid the nausea (odd symptoms but what do I know?) and it occured to me that if I’m walking around anyway, I could work on the room.  I started… and by the time I was done (with LOTS of resting from exhaustion, starting again only when the greenies got too bad) I had several cabinets removed and then by the end of the day, I had DECOR up there!



My next goal is to paint the drywall (huggy says he’s going to change it out anyway… it isn’t mudded or taped so I never painted it.  Since he isn’t going to tape this stuff… I’m going to make it look GOOD!)


Then I’ll start on more of the cupboards.  GET THAT STUFF OFF of them!  WAHOOTY.


Nothing too profound… but I’ve gotten a LOT done since I did this.  Amazing isn’t it?