Entitlement Mentality Permeates

A strange thing happened to me today.  I discovered that no one is immune to the effects of the entitlement mentality that runs rampant in modern America.


My example?


I went to Charlie’s Grilled Subs.  I LOVE their subs and after my debacle with the SS people (Social Security was given the right initials you know… Nazis every one of em.  ) I decided a treat of Charlies was in order.  The helpful girl at the counter asked if I had my ‘7 card’.  I quickly pulled it out but found to my dismay that the one side of it had torn away where the punches had occured.  See, at our Charlies (and I presume others) if you buy seven sandwiches, and they punch them on their little cards, they give you one free as a ‘thank you’ for being a good customer.


I was disappointed.  Six sandwiches were punched… just one more to go.  This one would give me my free sandwich but noooooooooo the sides ripped off.  All those sandwiches purchased were lost.  However, the lady was very nice.  She showed me that she could tell which ones were purchased and she’d just repunch a new card for me.  I was excited.  This meant that with the one I’d just purchased, my next one is free!  WAHOO!


She handed me the card back and the one empty sub that had been left on the old one was still left.  She hadn’t counted today’s.  I started to ask but just felt odd and didn’t.  I mulled my reticense to ask.  Why not just say, “The old card only had one left… and I just bought one.  Shouldn’t all of these be punched now or did I misunderstand?”?


However, I didn’t.  Whatever kept me back, well… it was right.  As I walked to my van, I realized why I was bothered.  I had an entitlement mentality.  I felt entitled to that free sandwich because I’d purchased enough to get one.  Their free gift as a ‘thank you’ had become a right in my mind.  How very sad.  I’ve always been against that kind of thinking but it creeps into every aspect of our lives when we aren’t looking.


  • Sales.  The store runs a sale on light bulbs, 100 for a dollar.. and if they run out we demand a raincheck.  After all, they offered them so we DESERVE to get them.
  • Price Matching.  We feel obligated not to have to drive as far to another store when the local one was so nice as to offer to price match… but woe to those who don’t offer the service.
  • Benefits.  Because some employers found the need to offer benefits such as insurance, retirement, and vacation back in the late fifties and early sixties, we now feel like they OWE us these things when actually, we agree to hire on at x amount.  They owe us NOTHING but the hourly wage/salary that they promise the day they hire us.  IF we get a raise… it is a BONUS.. it is not something we are entitled TO.

So… I will admit, there is one thing that EVERYONE is entitled to.  Hell.  How come no one is demanding THAT right?

Conditional Obedience

Along the same thread as my conditional submission post, I’ve gotta put my .02 in on my new thoughts on obedience.


If we as wives, do not have to do the right thing, simply because it is right.  If we are allowed to wait until our husbands are in line with the Lord before we submit to them, I submit to you (pun intended) that our children do not have to obey us as we’d like until we show perfect obedience and deference to the Lord.


I say it is time we quit focusing on our children’s short comings and work on our own.  They have a life time to recouperate from poor training… we’ve got only half a lifetime left to perfect ours! 


Let them rule the roost, run wild, speak with attitudes while we turn our platitudes into our attitudes.  They’ve got plenty of time to learn what we haven’t yet.  It is downright unjust for us to require of them what we do not do perfectly ourselves.


I know… I know… it means a harder life for them later.  I know that truth doesn’t change depending on the bearer’s perfect living of that truth, but it’s hypocritical and snobbish to require it and  whatever we do, we MUST be fair.  FAIR is the rule you know.


So next time your child tosses her shoes aside instead of putting them away, ask yourself, “Do I always put my shoes away?”  If the answer is no, then by all means, do not make them do it right.  They can master the habit somewhere around your age.  AFter all, it didn’t kill you!