Conditional Submission

After reading the complaints and arguments and rantings of women who are disgusted at the state of biblical authority, I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong.


Men are required to love us as Christ loved the church.  SELF SACRIFICIALLY.  Women are told to submit.  Women whine and cry at the injustice of them being told to submit when it is their opinion that their husbands are not being the kind of leaders, lovers, or men that God requires.  “Why is it always WOMEN’s fault.  Why do WE have to do all the hard stuff.”


Yeah.  Why do we.  I mean after all, the guys get the fun stuff right?  It isn’t optional for them to work outside the home or inside.  It isn’t an issue.  No arguments are ever made as to whether or not men are biblically commanded to provide for their families.  THEY have it easy.  They just have to do it.  Day in, day out, year after year.  How nice.  It’s EASY for them to do that you know.  THEY don’t have the dilemma of which is right.


Oh, and LEADERSHIP.  Those guys don’t know beans about it but we sure want it done… and our way.  “I insist that you lead this family in a godly direction!”  And we wax eloquent on how we insist that this be done. 


It’s time women rise up and demand our place in the church.  We MUST stick within scriptural guidelines, so we cannot insist that WE be the leaders… that the men submit to US… that WE be responsible for the provision of families.  This goes too far.  However, before we submit to one more stupid requirement of our husbands, we need to demand our right to be loved as Christ loved the church.  We need to demand that our husbands fill THEIR scriptural roles.


God will understand why we didn’t do what He required of us during this time.  After all, we WANTED to submit… these guys were just getting away with murder and we were doing our part to encourage them to be who GOD said to be.  We’re being so helpful.  It’s really quite loving.


So, I retract all of my previous admonitions for women to do what is right regardless of what their husbands do.  How foolish of me.  We need to insist on our rights to RECEIVE.  We need to hold our obedience to the Lord hostage until our husbands are as obedient to the Word as we think they should be.  Perhaps if women rise up we can eradicate the abuse of authority in homes much as the temperance women eradicated drunkenness with their prostests, pledges, and laws.