Good Stress~

Isn’t it amazing how life is stress?  I am amazed at how much of life’s most wonderful things are stressful.


A new baby.

A new job.

A new home.

A wedding…


This is where we are today in our life.  A wedding.  It’s exciting, joyful, and yes, stressful.  It’s good stress.


I wonder how much of what we do that is stressful isn’t a ‘negative stress’… is it our attitude that makes it negative?  Would we even think of things as stressful if we delighted in them?  We delight in a new baby.  We welcome the adrenaline rush after birth and relish in all that comes with a new infant.  We walk around for weeks in complete sleep deprivation.  If it goes on too long… we begin to see it as negative stress… but in the beginning, it’s a joyous thing.


The same thing goes for jobs, friends, homes, schooling… it is all technically stressful but it is so well received that the stress doesn’t seem to ‘get to us’.  Would the same results follow if we chose to be joyous about family?  If we chose to perceive our meddling in-laws as concerned parents who simply want the best for their children and grandchildren?


I don’t want to Pollyanaize life and create an imitation of reality but perception is everything.  Let’s talk about this wedding for a moment.  I’ve always been highly critical of people who exclude children from weddings.  I consider it a lousy attitude and a lack of appreciation for our future generations who need to see godly families beginning. 


Well, when we began planning the wedding for my oldest daughter on Saturday night… (yes we were eager) I began looking at sites and budgeting and such.  Imagine my surprise when the number 2 suggestion for limiting the expense of a wedding was to remove children from the guest list.  The rationale… on a per head scale, children can quickly quadruple the expenses!  Imagine my family coming to a wedding.  If they invite Kevin and I, at 100 per head, the expense for us to come is 200.  Include our children, and it is 1100 for our family to attend.


Perception.  It clouds everything.  It can create white puffy cheerful little clouds that skittle along a bright blue sky… or thunderous storm clouds that promise impending doom. 



I am having WAY too much fun.


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