Making Christmas Cards

This year I decided to be a ‘good mom’ and let my children make our Christmas cards. (and thereby forcing myself to mail them after all of their hard work!)


We had a blast!



White Card Stock

“Tearable paper” (onion skin stuff from your scrapbooking aisle)



Die cuts


Rubber Stamps

Notion scraps

Glue and Gluesticks

Glitter pens…


The options are limitless I assure you!


Cut the paper in half, and fold those in half again.  Let the kids ‘have at it’.  They can do whatever they want with one outside part but cannot touch the other ‘sides’.  Designate yourself or one child for the official ‘stamper’.  Put a rubber stamped message on the inside. 


I intend to mail with a ‘newsy’letter written like a newspaper and prayerfully pictures of the dahlinks.


Isn’t it mahvelous???  (picture removed) To those who have seen pictures of our tree in our living room… the tree stands where this piano was!  I made an evil bargain with our piano tuner!  He wanted to do some repair work on the keys and I told him I’d go for it only if he’d move the piano for the month of December and not bring it back until January.  He hadn’t planned on moving the piano to do the work but I guess he wanted the work badly enough because he arrived the Monday before Thanksgiving and drove off with it.  WAHOO!  First year in AGES that we haven’t had to close off our Living room Closet for our tree.  😀


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