Deck the Halls!

Thanksgiving day was a delight.  We woke up to a still frozen turkey.  Four days wasn’t enough to get that sucker defrosted.  (Ok, it was still frozen yesterday so a full WEEK wasn’t enough!)  So, off I went to Albertsons for a defrosted turkey.  Twenty-five dollars later I had a nice big turkey.  This brought up frustrations and irritations that taught me a lesson.


When I buy chicken, I generally get it for .79 or .89 a lb but will pay up to 1.29 without complaint.  I pay 1.99 for chicken chests and on a rare occasion, if I’m desperate, I’ll pay 2.49.  (Rare though)  I am THRILLEd when I get pork chops or beef for under 1.50-2.00 a lb.  Now.  Tell me here.  Why was I pitching fits about 1.29 a lb. for turkey?  On any other meat I’d consider that a reasonable price!  Just because the first turkey was .33 a lb is no reason to get my knickers in a wad over 1.29.  For almost ANY other meat, that is a perfectly acceptable price.  I really need to get a grip.  So, my lesson was to take everything in context, and not to be ‘anxious’ over that which isn’t important.  Like the price of turkey.


We had so much fun on Thanksgiving.  We did puzzles, played games, and built  the US Capitol.  To say that the dome is not what it once was, is probably an understatement but it is up, finished, and that is enough for me.  Thank you very much.    Oh… and we did get our gingerbread family cut out and ready to paint for our Christmas yard ornaments! 


Friday morning found us at the stores before dawn so I can’t say it ‘dawned early’.  Kevin went off to Staples and Walmart (where a local pair of teens spent the NIGHT) while Morgann and I went to Mervyns and K-mart.  We managed to fill our baskets with the things we’d hoped for and it was so funny to see the differences in our experiences.  The line at Walmart went on ‘forever’.  Morgann and I were near the front at K-mart and there weren’t THAT many behind us.  The people at Walmart were pushing and ugly near the front (but not near Kevin) while we had to INSIST that people go ahead of us.  Amazing.


Home we came and began the fun of decorating for Christmas.  I tore apart the fall wreath and redecorated it for Christmas. 


I set up the mangers (who managed to make it through the great Flood of 2005) and the candles on the table (Picture forthcoming)  We bought our tree, we painted our gingerbread men and Kevin even built a frame to hold them.  Life is grand.


Friday evening, Kevin put up the lights on the tree and everything was perfect.  We popped corn, strung strings of cranberries and popcorn and then did the official ‘trimming of the tree’.  It was SOOOOOOOOOOo much fun.  We sang Carols and Hymns and generally had a GREAT time.  I love this time of year!


Saturday I wrapped presents, cleaned house, and prepared to have our guests on Sunday.  It was most definitely a BLAST.


This month is one of my favorites.  The music, the laughter, the little traditions, the family and the joy.  All of it is just so exciting to me.  I love it.  All of it.



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