So, How About Them Dodgers…

That is a favorite phrase of mine.  I said it once during a homeschool chat when things got dicey and it did do the job.  They quit attacking each other and turned, instead, they began attacking each other’s ball team of choice.  I think they missed the point of the name of the TEAM I chose….


The DODGERS… as in DODGE the subject???


Sometimes I think we don’t know how to let something go.  We don’t know how to ignore someone else’s dronings that are ridiculously ignorant and insipid so we debate… until that dead horse is so flat it takes a spatula to peel him from the ground.


Now I know the names of about half a dozen baseball teams at best.  It would be foolish of me to debate the merits of one team over another.  I have no idea of the abilities of this pitcher or that shortstop.  I do know that the Yankees have dandy uniforms inspite of their unfortunate name, and that there are a lot of teams named after animals. 


What is my point?  I’m not sure I have just one but I think the main idea is that we’ve forgotten how to be wrong or ignorant about something and we have definitely forgotten that it’s not our personal responsibility to ensure that OTHERS are not allowed to be wrong or ignorant of things.


How sad.  I remember my mother graciously listening to the same story told over and over… because it was the height of rudeness to say, “I know, you told me.”


I remember my father shutting his mouth and allowing someone the right to make an idiot of themself speaking of things they knew nothing about, because it was rude to insist that they accept the truth of something. 


Yes, there is a time to stand up and say, “That is wrong.  You cannot lie about my Lord/family/faith/etc”  But most things that people get their knickers in a wad over aren’t that serious are they?   Light meat or dark meat, this team or that, whether or not someone being tried is guilty when we’re not on the jury… so many things.


Isn’t it amazing how dogmatically we insist on trivial things that don’t mean much.  Our husband tells a story about how last June we went camping and a bear entered our camp and we seem compelled to correct him and say “It was July dear… remember the fireworks?”


Our children excitedly tell their father about the baby bird they found and describe it as a sparrow instead of a finch.  We instantly correct their story rather than waiting until an appropriate time and simply teach finches, sparrows, robins and orioles and let THEM figure out their mistake.  IS it NECESSARY to prove our brilliance?


Someone thinks that welfare is a necessary evil, while another thinks it is a great good, and a third thinks it is governmental Robin Hoodism.  They battle it out as if their lives depended upon it rather than discussing it and dropping it once it is apparent that all points have been made.


So, I guess what I’m saying is, I’d like to see common courtesy return.  I’d like to see people allow others a difference of opinion without derision or disdain pouring from every… well… pore.  I’d love for people to be allowed to give small errors in stories without having them shamed into admitting that they didn’t remember some unnecessary detail.  I’d love to see us preferring one another in these areas as well as in giving up the best seat, the nicest piece of cake, or the choice of what day to do which thing.


I’d just like to see a little bit more grace return to our lives.  Wouldn’t that be beautiful.


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