When Everything Is Perfect, I’ll~

I look like a dumpy, frumpy, dowdy haus frau.  I wish it wasn’t true.  I wish I could say that it’s just me being overly critical of myself but the fact of the matter is, I do.


I realized it when I discovered that my favorite jumper is ruined.  I had to throw it away.  You see, my best color is royal purple.  I look best in that particular color but I wore it so much that the gathers SPLIT.  I went to my closet to see what else I own and the result was less than satisfactory.  Ok, the result was dismal.  Fine.  I admit it.  The average American woman would say that I have ‘nothing to wear’… and the average woman in the WORLD wouldn’t be too far behind me!


The old saying about the doctor’s children dying, the shoemaker’s children being shoeless, and… yep, the seamstress is nekkid!  With my weight… that’s not a pretty sight!  ICK.


See, the weight also has a bit of an impact on my wardrobe.  I don’t want to spend the time and money on it while I’m trying so hard to rid myself of this blasted weight.  But, there is a universal truth known to almost every woman alive.  The better you look, the better you feel.  And it’s companion truth… The better you feel, the more energy you have.  Of course that one has it’s own little truth… The more energy you have, the more weight you’ll… LOSE!  (general truths you understand.)


So… if I want to lose weight, I might as well not look like death warmed over in the process.


I plan to get up, make a dress, and make it in such a way that I LIKE how I look and feel in it… well… as much as I can carrying around the extra blubber firmly affixed to various portions of my body.


I’ll try to post pictures of the DRESS later.  I’m NOT putting pictures of ME in it.

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