Th value of a nap…

It’s 3 pm.  I’m tired.  I’ve done little today and it’s because I woke up tired.  How foolish of me to keep sitting around waiting to feel ‘un tired’ rather than taking a short nap.  I could have SO MUCH MORE accomplished by now if I had just DONE IT.




Why do we put off to do later what we will be even less equipped to do if we don’t do now what we should do in the first place?  Convoluted?  REad it again.  It’s quite brilliant.  Or so it seams in my sleep deprived state.


One thought on “Th value of a nap…

  1. Why didn’t I know about this “blog” site before. You are possibly one of the most brilliant people I know (that’s because you think ALOT like me!!!)
    I keep trying to tell people – If you’re tired GO TO SLEEP. I think God invented it for a good reason.
    Anyway, I could comment on all your writings (and possibly will now that I’ve discovered this happy haven) but this one seemed to me to be the place to begin. I’ll write more right after my nap.

    Well now, I happen to going to sleep. I found this just at the right time. I was tempted to stay up and work on my book but I think I’ll sleep instead.


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