A Sermonette about Today’s Sermon~

Today, as part of an on going series on church history etc, Pastor Neipp read an address made to the attendees of the LCR convention.  Not being a Lutheran, I didn’t expect to be ‘moved’ or inspired by the address.  Boy was I wrong.


Doctrinal purity.  Theology.  Training generation after generation to hold fast to true faith rather than washed down ecumenicalism.  These are things that matter to anyone, no matter the hyphen they put on their Christianity.


Christian women are notorious for wrangling the ins and outs of modesty, home keeping, child training, birth control, submission, and a myriad of other subjects but I wonder.   Are these things as important as we make them?   Would these things naturally fall into their propler places if we knew our theology well, straight, and focused on obedience to the Word alone and study of it to ensure a correct theology rather than focusing on the nuances of daily living. 


Don’t get me wrong, the Word makes it clear that these are important things.  Submission to hubby can be a clear indicator of the level of submissiveness to God.  (not IS… CAN BE.  Dont’ read into what I’m saying!  hee hee).  How we train our children in obedience to us CAN BE (note that CAN again) be an indicator of the importance we place on obedience to God.  Immodesty of the clothing often (NOTE THE QUALIFIER?) reflects an immodesty of the heart.  These are not peripherals in the sense that they’re a nice shiny bow tied on a pretty package.  A lovely addition but not necessary to the package’s worth.


I think I’ve been failing here.  I’ve made practical application of small sections of the Word more important than imparting the BULK of the Word to my self and my children.  I’ve made how we do things more important than WHO God is and what He says about HIMSELF rather than what WE think and do with OURSELVES.  (Not intentionally mind you but for all intents and purposes…)


Once again, humans get focused upon SELF rather than God.  Sigh.  So much to learn, so little time.  Tomorrow we go back to basics.


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