Fire Starters

I am a fire starter.  No, I am not an arsonist.  There is a difference.  Put the phone down, and tell the guy at 911 that you misunderstood.  But, yes, I am a fire starter.  I am best at starting new projects, getting everyone mobilized, and then moving on to project two or three or twelve or four hundred ninety-six.


As much as I’d like to pretend that being a fire starter is either inherantly good or inherantly evil, the fact is, there are pros and cons to it.  In the business world, I’d be an ‘idea person’.  I’d go into a company, see problems, tell them how to fix them, get them started, and move on.  Or, I’d be a manager of some kind.  Show the ‘troops’ what I wanted done, and then voila… move on to a new ‘squadron’ while the ‘troops’ finish up.


Well, that is good for some things.  But the fact is, some things have to be finished by the one who started them.  If I start a dress, I need to finish it unless it is a waste of time to finish it.  Some things aren’t worthy of being finished, but most are.  Let’s face it, what lessons am I teaching my children when I start a project and let it hang until it’s finished by someone else, or worse, abandoned.


It’s also better for me.  I need the ‘completion’ too.  As much as I ‘naturally’ start and dont’ finish, the fact is, it’s unsettling to not finish as well.  So, I think I’ll FINISH this blog by signing off… and then go FINISH what I must ship today.


WAHOO!.  Maybe this is why they used to send girls to Finishing Schools.  They didn’t want them to be ‘fire starters’.

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