Does Pollyanna Have a Point?

Discouragement.  Sometimes it seems to have a life of its own.  It seems to grab you and hold you in it’s grip.  You struggle against it but it just locks on and like quicksand, the more you struggle, the surer you are to sink.


Makes me wonder.  “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.”  Pollyanna may have a point.  Perhaps the first step to joy and contentment is to overlook frustration and discouragement.  Choose to react to irritants in a way that is beautiful and pleasant.  Your child knocks something off the table and creates a mess as she toddles by.  It’s frustrating.  She didn’t do it deliberately but the work is there and added to an already over stuffed plate.  You smile, look at her confused face and just move on, doing your thing, without getting too bent out of shape.


Then another happens.


Then another happens.


Then another happens.


Then another happens.


By the end of the day, while the camel is smiling and trying not to be bothered, there is straw piled on his back anyway!  One more thing and we’re looking at a repair job that no chiropractor would want to touch!


So then we have to deal with the reality that while you can choose a good attitude, a pleasant reaction, and joy in the little things, things do build.  How do you take that ‘building’ of frustrations and stop it before it begins.  How do you manage to put the straw in bundles on the ground, and cart them away so that the camel only has to carry each straw as it arises rather than the whole day’s load at once.


How do we not only react pleasantly and joyously BUT at the SAME TIME let it go so completely that we ‘remember it no more’.  When the next straw falls, we don’t have another one sitting on our back because it’s been put away in its proper home and it’s gone.  Kaput.


How do we do this?  I don’t know.  But I’m determined to find out.  I just hope I don’t find out it’s not possible.  Now THAT would be frustrating. 


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