Today Is the First Day…

Of the rest of my life.  How will I spend it?  How will I both delight in all the wonders and riches God has given me, without squandering the time I need to use for the responsibilities that I have?


My home.  I’m ready to write my own ‘homemaking/living’ book.  I love the books I have.  They inspire and delight me.  But if I was trying to use a book to help me make a significant difference in my life, I’d have a hard time with most books.  Most are too ‘fussy’ for my tastes.  I dont’ care about perfumed paper to write notes on, or about having lavendar between my towels when I’m still working on having a door jam that isn’t growing our dinner potatoes.  I can’t be the only one. 


I need a new working title though… A Gentle Approach to Domestic Arts: Real Homemaking and Beautification for Real People  is just a mouthfull.  I think I need something like.  “Real living for real people” or something like that but sheesh, who wants to pick up a book like that?  Anyway, I’d probably never try to publish such a thing.  Who wants to read about one person’s journy to the ‘good life’ only to discover that cut crystal and sterling flatware are never mentioned?  No origami party decorations?  No name/place cards at the dinner table when you have dinner guests?  Whatever is this world coming to??? 


But, my home, yeah, that’s where I was going with this thing.  It does need a certain amount of attention right now.  Four days of sickness, no matter how little actual housework you usually do, four days of sickness leaves its mark.  I need more than that.  I need to be able to walk into my living room and smile again.


School.  The ‘s’ word.  It’s calling my name.  It’s saying that I need to get back in the swing there too.  Math, penmanship, grammar, science, history, phonics… those little things that help us in our daily lives.  Without several school subjects, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing up a bunch of interrelated words that no one but me cares about!  And, I wouldn’t know that I used me correctly but left the preposition about , dangling.  Or that I over use commas and that this is not a complete thought, and therefore not a complete sentence.  See, all those grammar classes did make an impression on me.


Finally, business.  You know, that thing where people are waiting for their clothing that they’ve ordered and my catalog people are waiting for samples for our first show.  Oh, and the eBay custom.  Can’t forget that.


Busy.  That’s a good word.  It’s Biblical too.  I can feel nice and spiritual as I’m hustling about, trying to ignore my runny nose and making sure it doesn’t drip on anything that is not staying permanently in this home.  *blush*.


Have a lovely day.  It’s the first day…. of the rest of your life!

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