The Beauty of Sleep- (Or why we DO need our beauty sleep)

Lorna got her clock off last Sunday night.  The result has been a marvelous messed up mixture of too much day sleeping, and not enough night sleeping.  Word to the wise.  Don’t give Lorna baby Tylenol.  NOT a good move.


So, last night, I was up with her… as she fussed, cat napped, and screamed.  Until 4 am this morning.  At seven this morning, I gave her to a sibling (she’d slept for 3 full hours at that point!) and went back to sleep.  For a whopping 1.5 hours.


I had a nap today for about an hour.  So this means I’m running on about five and a half hours of sleep.  Total.  For all day.  I’m dead.  I’ve made half a dozen semi-serious mistakes today and dozens of mini ones. 


So where is this going?  Well remember, I’m running on fumes here.  Who says there is a point to this drivel?  Actually there is but hey, maybe there wasn’t and now I’d be feeling badly beause you implied there should be when there wasn’t!  Whew. 


Beauty.  Beauty SLEEP.  BEAUTY SLEEP.  ahhhhhhhhhh  Beauty sleep isn’t just for looking lovely in the FLESH… it’s also for the ability to behave as lovely as you desire to look.  It’s for the ability to avoid the ugly around the house.  The dropped things, the spilled thisses, the other ‘thats’ and such like.  Sleep settles a world of injustices and solves a myriad of problems.


Sleep.  Try it.  It does a body good.


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