Why is there Water falling on me?

What is this stuff?  The sky is crying!  The ground is soaked, the air is fresh, the clouds are covering and hiding the sun.  In SEPTEMBER???  In the DESERT???  It’s terribly out of the ordinary.  It is sooooooooo refreshing.  Sometimes we need that don’t we?


I wonder if we need it in our personal lives.  I wonder if sometimes we need to totally ‘bust out’ of our normal routines and give our families and ourselves a refreshing change.  Whether it’s a new music CD, a special dinner, a game we haven’t played before or just in a long time, or the living room re-arranged or decorated for a holiday or season.


I wonder if we need a ‘day off’ from time to time.  Some employers have ‘personal days’ instead of ‘sick days’.  Employees can use their ‘sick days’ for whatever they choose.  A doctor visit, a trip to the airport, or a funeral can use a ‘personal day’ rather than using precious ‘vacation time’.


Since mothers, and especially homeschooling mothers, rarely get TRUE days off… or even true VACATION days… (who plans, packs, arranges, orders, unpacks, regroups, and keeps it all going in the background???)….. perhaps they need to take a ‘personal’ day from time to time. 


Instead of frittering away days because we need to refuel, perhaps we need to consciously take that day off.  Buy frozen waffles, frozen burritos or make pbj sandwiches, gather up some snacks, a few good movies, and if possible, a sweet homeschooled teenager to keep the kidlets occupied and disappear.


Even if we can’t leave home, we CAN go into our room, close the door, and escape into a good book, a good CD, or a good movie.  Rearrange the room, change the sheets, dust the windowsills… whatever it takes to refresh your spirit.  Listen to some uplifting music, read the Psalms, and watch the world go by. 


While I’m pregnant, I have a little ritual.  I read all of my favorite parenting books, my favorite homeschooling books, my favorite books on home and family and organizing… it becomes like my own personal cheerleading squad.  After Ethan was born, it was a good 4 years before I got pg again.  For four years I didn’t have that ‘renewal’.  For four years, I was running on fumes.


When I discovered I was pg with Lorna, I realized that I needed the refresher course.  My desire to study picked up.  My desire to learn and to do a better, more efficient and exciting job was rekindled.  I can already feel that eagerness starting to wan.  Lorna is a year old.  It’s been a year and a half since I got recharged that way.  I need that ‘bracing’ that only a few hours reading can give me.


If I want to absorb all of the beauty of life, I must also absorb the order and the realities of life.  Order.  Work.  Color.  Taste.  Scents.  Textures.  Routines.  All of these little things add up to a refreshed and beautiful life.

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