Ode to Thoreau… sorta, kinda, maybe

“I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”   Every time I hear that phrase I kind of get a queasy feeling in my stomach as if good old H.D. was some kind of alien who was taking over bodies or one of Rowling’s ‘dementors’ giving people the dreaded ‘kiss’.  However today… I have a new appreciation for it.  He’s a man.  I’m a woman.  Sucking ‘life’ out of something doesn’t appeal to me but ABSORBING… inhaling… surrounding.  These are words that I can handle…

So, I want to thank Thoreau.  He really says, in his barbaric way, what I desire so deeply to do.  Not with life alone… just a particular PORTION of life.  The BEAUTY of life.  I am going to revel in, absorb as fully as possible, and enjoy all those little things that make life beautiful.  My little girls hair looking adorable and ‘fixed’.  My son looking like a dapper dude with his hair cut consistantly (rather than when I look at him and think… much longer and I could get mini piggies in that mop!)  I’m going to enjoy the flowers of the season, the effect of candle light and the aroma of baking goodies (even if I have to bake them in the crock pot!)

I’m going to quit dressing utilitarian and enjoy being a woman again.  FEMININE… I’m going to quit thinking that practical is a virtue that outshines lovely.  If that were true, God’s creation wouldn’t be so varied or so breathtaking.

Yes… instead of sucking the BEAUTY out of life… I’m going to do my part to increase the beauty around me.  My front yard is going to become a work of home arts… rather than a reflection of our laziness.  I’m going to quit being afraid to think of what I do, and love as ART.  Homemaking is an ART and I’m going to revel in it. 

I am tired of those in the NEA (not the teacher one, the one of people who should LEARN a thing or two) redefining art to be anything they feel like dragging down to it’s basest level.  Once upon a time, art would rarely offend (outside of a nude picture or two).  Now, you’re hard pressed to know what it is, or what it signifies, or not to be offended by what it is or signifies.  So, I’m going to teach my children TRUE art appreciation… by not letting my pallete dry up, my canvas get overstretched and torn, and USING them to ‘sing my praises’ to God’s Glory.

I feel better all ready.

Today’s touch of beauty… I bought the fall foliage and ripped apart the ‘old’ wreath, inserted the new folliage, and used the left overs for my pottery pitcher.  I’ll put all of these in a plastic container with other ‘fall’ themed items and switch out for Christmas.  I think it’s going to be lovely.  I’m on the hunt for a lovely white dove or a cardinal for Christmas.  I’ll eventually have four boxes for fall, christmas, general, and birthdays.  🙂  I think this is going to be incredibly fun.

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