Isn’t it Odd How We’re Our Own Worst Enemy?

Perfectionism.  It’s a disease.  Really it is.  I’ve got a chronic case.  I have this innate desire to have a perfect life before I attempt to do anything worth while.  It’s ludicrous.  What causes us to be paralyzed at the reality of the imperfectness of life?

I look at my sewing table and don’t want to USE it until it looks unused?

I look at my kitchen and don’t want to COOK until it looks as if it’s never had a meal prepared in it.

I look at my bedroom and don’t want to sleep in there until I have it looking as if it’s never been slept in.

I look at my bathroom… and use it anyway… and get out as fast as I CAN.  (and no, it isn’t filled with an unbearable stench… it just lacks the beauty I desire!)

I see my yard and don’t want to spend time in it… it’s not landscaped in any way, the children’s yard toys are scattered about and the wind has yet again littered it with papers and wrappers that don’t all belong to us!

I am not LIVING because I am avoiding my life so to speak.  Weird isn’t it?  There is that handy little plaque that people like to hang in their offices that says “Don’t become so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

I get so busy avoiding the reality of my life (the imperfectedness) that I forget to live and revel in the wonderful life that God has provided.  How ungrateful of me!

There is that old saying… “Live each day as if it was your last…”  I agree with RC Sproul.  It’s flawed.  He’s right… the right attitude is, “Today is the first day, of the rest of your life!”

I need to live like that and squelsh the arrogance that says if I don’t have a perfect surrounding, then I don’t need to concentrate on living.  Blech.

My new prayer today is, “Lord, please take my weakness of perfectionism and turn it into the strength of diligence and excellence.”

Hope He’s in a generous mood today… 😉


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