Beauty, Eyes, and Beholders

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  We’ve all heard it.  Most of us have said it a time or twenty.  I just realized just how true it IS.  Think about it. Some people find the desert incredibly breathtakingly beautiful, others see it as the barren blistered end of creation. 


When the Dutch come to China Lake Naval Air Weapons Center (yes, a Navy base in the middle of the desert situated on a dry lake bed… oxymoronic?  Of course not, this is government… it makes SENSE… Trust them.  They said it is so it must be so!)  Where was I?  Oh, the Dutch… yeah, those people from Holland… the Netherlands etc.  When they come here to fly and do tests they LOVE IT.  They just adore this area.  All that water and those tulips and the green lush landscape and the CLEANLINESS of Holland… and they like it here.  Why?  Because they don’t know what wide open spaces ARE until they’ve been here.  Here you can look across the desert… see the horizon… and nothing  inbetween but a few sage or creasote bushes.  They can’t grasp it.  Their wives come and are amazed.  They WANT to come to this ‘ugly’ place. 


I’m just wondering if the eye can be trained to find beauty EVERYWHERE… and also to be trained to see the lack of beauty and remedy it.  And… if those things can be done, can they be done by a recovering perfectionist?  I want to appreciate the geranium in the trash heap but I don’t want to ignore the trash in lieu of writing an ode to the geranium.  Why not transplant that geranium to a pretty pot on my porch and clear away the trash heap?  But, if the geranium is growing in a junk yard, I can appreciate the beauty but need to not feel compelled to clean up the yard.


Where did I get this obsession to be all things to all men, all at once, all the time, all by myself?  Where did I get the compulsion to do all that, and without anything missing?  Where did I get the ARROGANCE that says I ever could much less should, and why can’t I be thankful for what I can do without expecting more from myself than my loving and almighty heavenly Father?


So… today, as I look at the disaster movie, otherwise affectionately called my ‘studio’  and realistically our ‘family room’, I am going to rest a bit longer, dig in and make it clean again…and then sew the bindings onto my window warmers.


Speaking of window warmers… I am going to have to tell you how I am making these.  I’ve figured out… (get this!!!) how to make interchangable covers!!!  I can have holiday fabric, spring fabric, winter fabric, wash them quickly without having to take them down… we’re talking cool beans stuff here!

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